Parking Lot Open

Every afternoon, traffic on Mamalahoa Hwy. backs up because of people blocking the road waiting for school to end. There is no alternate route for cars that are just passing the school. 
Our school is working with the Department of Public Works, county council members, and community members to help resolve the problem. At the root of the traffic problems, there is one achievable solution: changing people's behaviors. You can help by doing the following:
1. If you are planning to pick up your child after school, please plan on arriving after 2:05 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) or 1:25 (Wednesday). 
2. If you arrive before the times above, do not block Mamalahoa Hwy. Park at the parking lot north of school. You can walk over to the cafeteria to meet your child. (The road improvements to make a safer walking shoulder is planned for March/April).
We can work together to ensure that everyone is safe on our roads. Thank you!